We’ve all seen the most esoteric of home theaters in magazines and on the Internet. Affluent people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment, architecture, furniture and cables that cost more than some cars. It is most certainly glamorous, but not within reach of most consumers. Many of us have other minor expenses like mortgages, food, auto payments and college funds to concern ourselves with.


But the bragging rights that come along with a six-figure home theater are not what make it first-class – it’s all in the details. If you really want a ‘movie theater’ in your home, then a front projector will define the genre better than any regular ‘television’ could. Stay away from flat panels of inordinate size – a 105” LED 4K panel will cost you 3 to 4 times more than one of the finest front projectors on the market. The projector and screen must be carefully selected with consideration given to room size, ambient light and performance expectations.


Will a $10,000 Blu Ray player look 10 times better than a $1000 unit? Probably not. The economic principle known as “diminishing returns” can certainly be applied to the consumer electronics market. You pay exponentially more for a miniscule improvement in specifications or performance, much of which would not be noticeable in a blind ‘taste-test’. Get a good player – get a great player – just don’t get the $49 special at your local superstore or something that requires a second mortgage.


You can buy a 6-foot long HDMI cable for $10, $20, $100 or $1000. Will the most expensive cable make your picture look an order of magnitude better? Absolutely not! We never advocate buying the lowest priced commodity in any category, but a $1000 cable is simply a waste of money – money that would be better spent on something that actually makes a difference, like a better front projection screen or better loudspeakers.


Speakers are among the most important investments in the home theater package. They are the final link between the acoustic content and your ears. You can’t pick speakers by means of their specifications on paper – they must be auditioned. You wouldn’t know what a meal tastes like just by reading its ingredients, right?


Cool Home Technology understands what it takes to provide an absolutely breathtaking performance when you sit down to watch a movie at home. It does not need to break the bank, nor will it happen with only the least expensive equipment available. Our consultants are honest, hard-working people that strive to enlighten our clients and provide an experience that is second to none!

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