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Create, Customize and Enjoy Your Own Home Theater

Home theaters have come a long way. Since the advent of Netflix, online television and Bluetooth control, smart home technology has outfitted the modern household with fantastic options. Why settle for less when you can have more?

Get the Acoustics Right: Home Audio Setup Guide

Once you’ve found the perfect home theater hub, you’ll need to balance your whole house audio platform with acoustics. Sure, houses are big. They’re really big. You needn’t sacrifice audio range, comfort or bass for hallways, entryways and doors, however.

The Evolution of the AV Industry

As any of us who are in the consumer electronics industry, or who have owned AV equipment through the years know, things have changed quite a bit over time. Components use more advanced materials in their construction and features continuously evolve to accommodate more complex configurations. But perhaps the greatest change has been the transition from analog to digital formats. This transition concerns not only television signals, but encompasses a broad range of technology, impacting nearly every aspect of AV systems and changing the way in which end users interact with the technology.

Professional Home Audio Install vs DIY

So, have you decided to upgrade your home technology, music, or theater system? Perhaps you already own one of these systems, so it would seem as easy as just connecting the new devices that you purchase, and you’re done.

Savant – Making Life Simpler

Savant is a high-end, easy to use, yet powerful home automation system, providing the ability to control virtually everything in your home from the next room or the next state. By personalizing and automating everyday tasks, Savant adds comfort and convenience to your life. Imagine having the coffee maker turn on and begin brewing the moment you turn on the light in your bedroom.

The Future of Audio and Video Technology

Over the many decades of evolution in the entertainment technology field, functionality has always been ‘coming together’ into increasingly capable solutions. To listen to high quality audio in the 1950s, you needed a preamplifier, a tuner and a power amplifier. These were the core components required to drive a set of loudspeakers. Harman was the first company to integrate all of these into what became known as the ‘receiver’.

Re-imagine Your Space with Sanus

With as many options as exist in electronic entertainment products for your home, there must also be a host of accommodations within which to house them or with which to install them. Televisions mount to walls or are displayed on stands, components dwell in cabinetry or reside on racks, speakers and stands become the union of form and function, and cables snake through conduits preferably unseen.

SnapAV Brings Your Entertainment to Life

When most people think of audio and video entertainment, the things that come to mind are amplifiers, media players, speakers, televisions, projectors and the like. Which controller is right for my home theater? What speakers will sound the best?

Yamaha – Harmony in Life

In 1887, Torakusu Yamaha built his first reed organ, and since then the Yamaha Corporation of Japan has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of a complete line of musical instruments, audio video entertainment products, computer-related products and other assorted commodities. Established in 1960, Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) offers a full line of musical instruments and electronic entertainment products to the U.S. market. 

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