Home theaters have come a long way. Since the advent of Netflix, online television and Bluetooth control, smart home technology has outfitted the modern household with fantastic options. Why settle for less when you can have more?


A Full-Fledged Entertainment Realm


In your home theater, entertainment is never more than a step away. Because today’s innovative offers via Cool Home Technology are always at your fingertips, the tiresome, hard day ends as soon as you hit the couch.


Whether you’re into gaming, browsing, music or movies, your home theater can pack it all. Don’t go out to the movies, and don’t settle for less than you deserve. Today’s home theaters, powered by a central hub, offer years of excitement via wireless technology. A full-fledged package, a home theater supports multiple brands, computers, gaming systems and online radio—so you’re never left guessing.


Booming Sound, and Radiant Noise


In the past, home theaters suffered from a lack of sound control. Fortunately, audio tech experts have surpassed the past’s downfalls. Now, custom-designed home theaters offer ultra-clear definition video, excellent audio and booming bass. At Cool Home Technology, every vendor partner is fully stocked with custom-tailored solutions. Whether you’re a stay-at-home professional, an office worker, an online guru or an entertainment lover, every sound caters to top-quality enjoyment.


Both discrete speakers and up-front, built-in speakers direct attention to a home theater’s video. In the ceiling, in the wall or near the couch, every accommodating speaker reaches the same quality as top-industry tower speakers. Audio balance is always guaranteed, as is aesthetic design, performance and flexibility.


Full Mobile Control


Why juggle remote controls? Now, you can power an entire fleet of DVD, Blu-Ray, cable, and Internet devices with the push of a button. Smartphone technology, now, serves the “always on” homeowner—so you’re never without control. Reflect your home theater’s comfort side, and take control with instant-access apps, real-time alerts and push-to-start technology.


Home theaters are incredibly flexible, and you needn’t settle for a typical television set-up to achieve maximum comfort. Take charge with a projection screen, and heighten your living area’s theater feel by invoking fine image quality, detail and spread. When your home theater is outfitted with a projector, you needn’t fiddle with hardware, search for clunky buttons or get lost in a tangle of wires.


At Cool Home Technology, you always come first. Each tech assistant’s dedication, experience and presentation ensures quality, and your home theater, truly unique, is always promised a custom touch.

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