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Whole House Audio

Music in every room is an enjoyable experience. We have multi-room audio solutions in the Minneapolis and surrounding areas that use wired speakers and amplifiers in each room. In-ceiling speakers and wall controls are the most common whole house audio systems.

A wireless audio system allow for music in every room for older homes or homes that do not have music pre-wired in their homes. Wireless audio systems use wireless networks, wireless speakers, and wireless controllers. You can often use your iPhone, Android, tablets and computers to control your music.

Music control apps are available for iPhones, Androids, tablets and computers. You will have complete control over streaming music services like Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, internet radio, and many other services.

Whole House Video 

Distributed video is more than simple Cable TV or Satellite wiring. Distributed video can allow you to broadcast video content from a central location to some or all of the rooms. You can watch a BluRay movie in multiple rooms, have multiple sporting games streaming around your home, and even allow you to quickly switch your TV to view the feed that your kids are watching. The reason most home owners love video distribution systems is not having all those media boxes in every room! All you see is the TV and maybe some speakers in the wall or ceiling. You can also have a movie or any other video source follow you from room to room. Video distribution systems are the ultimate piece to the home automation puzzle and makes entertaining easy and fun!

Distributed Video System design and Installation in Minnesota has become very popular with security camera feeds. We can allow you to check a security camera DVR from any smart device. 

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