In the age of technology, The Internet of Things certainly deserves credit. Smart homes are here, and homeowners are outfitting their living spaces with mobile technology to create real-time, flexible environments. Today’s houses are alive, and their energetic breathing can be fully powered via mobile app. At Cool Home Technology, we’re dedicated to the smart consumer—and we’re here to display a smart-outfitted home in motion.


A Central Digital Hub


Do you want to remotely control your home? Smart homes are powered entirely from one network, so you’re never left without Internet access. More importantly: You can control any Internet-enabled appliance from a single location. Imagine firing up the coffeepot from your bedroom, or dimming the lights with a slow thumb slide. You’re not limited to the house, either, as smart home technology is similarly accessible from the yard—even the neighbor’s house. Don't stop where the living room ends. Offer full-fledged support to the babysitter, the dog-watcher, the kids and the visiting relatives. All can be supported.


Ironclad Protection


Smart home technology has gifted us with the new world of protection. Password-powered, much of a smart home system’s operations are user-locked. Create a custom environment, and reduce the need for losable keys and clunky combinations. Fulltime mobile accessibility creates a seamless environment of access, so you, the family and trusted friends can access the network.


Fewer Devices


Power exists in unity. At Cool Home Technology, we feel homeowners deserve to save money. More is less, and smart homes—powered by the same central hub—needn’t require multiple DVD boxes, DVR setups and cable boxes. Cable boxes are all controlled by a single, digital prompt, and a smart home’s digital information is evenly distributed to ensure constant coverage. Ditch the remotes, and unify your entertainment experience.


Automated Utilities


Or, spare further expenses by automating your thermostat. A fully-wired home engages temperatures reactively, so there’s never a mismatch between in-home air and your thermostat’s digital needs. When you’re away, a smart home’s lights are turned off automatically. Over time, you’ll likely see a massive reduction in electricity, heating and cooling costs.


The future of smart homes is bright, and Cool Home Technology intends to deliver the latest, greatest tech options to our favorite homeowners. As you advance your home, take charge with innovative, flexible solutions. Every home is different, and every entertainment system is, too. Stop separating the appliances, home theater and utilities. Tie them together, power them via smartphone technology and approach the future of interactive households with open arms. You’ll be glad you did.

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