Home Theater

Home Theater should provide a movie theater entertainment experience, but in your own home. This can range from several great A/V components in your living room to an elaborate, custom designed space intended to emulate an actual theatrical venue. If done right, this system should provide a riveting audio visual experience that leaves you wondering why you ever ‘went out’ to see movies in the past… This is where entertainment happens – in your home, in your home theater!


Cinema technology and effects have evolved significantly over the years, as have playback mediums, audio and video equipment, and even seating – all of which must come together in harmony to fabricate the perfect entertainment solution. With this goal in mind, we custom design each home theater to match the lifestyle and expectations of our clients. Whether it is spectacular ultra high definition video, screen formats the size of your wall, or audio that you can feel, not just hear - we select from the best brands to achieve an ideal solution for every need and every budget.


Projectors and screens are typically the focal point of a home theater, providing epic reproduction of today’s high definition formats such as BluRay or HD Video Gaming. Speakers built into walls and ceilings provide superb performance, yet can also accommodate aesthetic considerations of the space in which they function. Processors can decode the most advanced audio matrices, delivering every motion picture masterpiece in its intended glory. Do not be enticed by the $99 world-class ‘Home Theater in a Box’ solution at the local stereo ‘Super Store’. Although such systems do have a place in the world of consumer electronics, Cool Home Technology specializes in high performance home theater systems. You do not have to spend $100K to have such a system, but the $99 option will certainly not deliver what we feel is required.


Can all of this home theater equipment tie in with my home automation so that the lights dim when my movie is about to begin? Why should I spend what seems like a lot of money on my projection screen – can’t I just paint the wall white? These, and many other questions, are what we are here to answer. You tell us what your ideal entertainment solution would be, and we bring it to life. As our motto asserts, we do not just sell the gear, we make entertainment easy.


Our expertise and dedication to our clients comes together to provide an experience second to none in the Minneapolis and Twin Cities area.

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