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Whole House Video Distribution


Multi-room Video Distribution allows you to broadcast video content from a central location to some or all of the rooms in your home. You can watch a Blu-ray feature in multiple rooms, or have multiple sporting events streaming throughout your residence.

At Cool Home Technology, we offer a number of systems that will allow everyone in your house to watch whatever they like, whenever they want, and wherever they prefer! We can upgrade your existing home, or wire your new dream home for a whole-house entertainment experience! Tailored to the lifestyles of your household, our systems are easy to use, integrate seamlessly with new or existing electronics, and offer a dynamic level of command and control.

Savant is an example of one such premium home automation system, providing the ability to control virtually everything in your home from the next room or the next state. One of its many features is the capacity to direct all of your entertainment with a single button press or voice command. Access your favorite shows anywhere in the house, prioritize the channels you watch most and use voice commands like “ESPN” or “Apple TV” to deliver the content you want to view. Able to control over 380,000 entertainment devices, the Savant Remote works with the components you already own to deliver a one-of-a-kind entertainment and automation experience. It will truly be the only remote you will ever need. 

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