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Lighting and shade control is typically an automated network of equipment used to manage commercial or residential electric lights and window shades. Often part of various home automation solutions, lighting and shade controls can also operate independently depending on the application.

Lutron is one of the most distinguished lighting and shade control technology companies in the world, providing over 15,000 products including complete wired and wireless systems. The benefits of Lutron equipment are prolific. Energy expenses are reduced by implementation of more efficient lighting, convenience is enhanced with lights that can be operated remotely or programmed into ‘scenes’ based on room occupancy and other triggering mechanisms, and low-noise motorized shades can shape natural light in a seamless integration with electric light. Control a room, or your whole house, using a single wall switch, smart phone or tablet. Have your lights and shades function autonomously in response to environmental sensors or security systems. Set up appliances and other devices to conduct their business without manual input from the user. Together, these innovations can maximize the comfort and energy-efficiency of your home.

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