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Central Vacuums use a built in vacuum system and provide the best home vacuuming cleaning.  Central Vacuum systems are a great way to clean your floors and remove allergens from your home. Central vacuum systems have advantages over upright vacuums, and the main advantage is the main motor and canister are located away from the living areas. Upright vacuums often stir up the fine dust, pollen and dander. Viruses and bacteria often bypass an upright vacuum filter. They are typically much more powerful so they suck up more dust and dander than most standard vacuums.

Whole house vacuum systems use high quality filters that are located away from the bedrooms. Some are even cyclonic which means it uses no filter and has an exhaust outside the home for small particles not caught in the canister. Most central vacuum canisters in Minnesota homes are located in a garage or in the basement. Canisters can have bags for the accumulated dust, or the canister can be a bag less unit. Many homes are piped for a central vacuum.

There are many options for hoses, power heads, brushes, upholstery attachments, and floor sweeps for hard floors.

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