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Lighting control systems are a great way to reduce energy and make life easy. Lighting systems allow you to have “Lighting Scenes” where you can control which lights are turned on or remain off by pressing a button. You can have different scenes from a single wall control. Common scenes turn all lights on, all lights off, lights for easy home entrance, and scenes for evening living.

Lighting control can also be used to control appliances or other devices that are plugged into AC outlets. Your lighting controls can be used to control fish tanks, Christmas trees, and any other device you have. Hear a bump in the night and want to illuminate the entire house? No problem, we can make that happen.

Lighting control is great for home theaters. We often program scenes for dimming the lights when a movie starts or bring them back up when you hit pause on the remote. 

The fantastic control from a wall touch pad is also available on mobile device apps and computer apps. You can control your intelligent home lighting system with the touch of a button on your iPhone, Android phone or tablet. Lighting control systems in Minnesota help to save energy and money by easily turning off lights, and also having programmed “on” and “off” times that can change with our big seasonal swings in daylight hours.

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