How do you listen to music? The ways in which we like to consume the acoustic arts vary as much as our tastes in the music itself. Some people would see anything less than a grandiose stereo system as inadequate, while others may prefer the mobility of discreet, personal headphones and a digital media source in their pocket. Many use their home theater as a dual-purpose instrument, delivering a movie theater experience and also their music-only listening when desired. Depending on the lifestyle, certain consumers choose to have audio entertainment in a specific or dedicated space, while others prefer to enjoy it throughout their home. This brings us to ‘whole-house audio’, and when it becomes an inevitable consideration.


How many family members are in your household? What are their listening preferences? Do you entertain guests frequently? How big is your home? The answer to any given question may or may not dictate the need for whole-house audio in itself, but as the information matrix expands, you might more clearly define whether it is the right choice for you.


For instance, you may have a large family, all the members of which have different musical interests, yet they are content becoming one with their iPhones and tablets and have no interest in listening to music in any other fashion. On the other hand, there may only be two people in the home, but guests and parties are frequent, thus creating a need for more versatile entertainment accommodations. A two bedroom apartment may not stand to benefit from distributed audio, but a large, multi-level home could support multi-room or multi-zone audio quite effectively. Perhaps you want the ability to play one source out on the deck, while different one is playing inside. The touch of a button could also bring the whole house to life with holiday music or the next Super Bowl if you wish.


Cool Home Technology specializes in the design and installation of multi-room systems, including audio, video and home automation. We have a great deal of expertise in the infrastructure, equipment and operation of such systems, and with our guidance you can determine exactly what type of solution and capabilities best fit your needs. Whether it is a new home that is under construction or an existing home, we are able to provide and install the equipment needed to bring music enjoyment, in whatever shape it may take, into your life for many years to come!

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