Televisions are as much a part of our lives today as any appliance we use on a consistent basis. Whether large or small, on the cutting-edge of technology or not, many of us tune in to some type of video nearly every day. For some, video entertainment is a major component of the daily routine, complete with a large screen home theater and a host of ancillary video displays throughout the home. For others, perhaps catching the daily news or weather on a small bedroom TV is adequate, and their entertainment priorities lie elsewhere. Whatever the case, video distribution is a part of how we consume information.


The most basic form of video distribution is a network of cable feeds wired throughout your residence. Most homes are so equipped by default, allowing you to plug in your cable or satellite decoder into any of these termination points, and watch whatever you choose on the connected display device. Commonality of source material is limited to, and accomplished by, tuning each device to the same channel. External sources such as DVD players or video game consoles remain local to the television which they are physically connected with.


But this is merely where video distribution begins. Subsequent tiers of functionality involve being able to send particular sources to multiple destinations, followed on by being able to send any source to any location. Much of how a video distribution network is designed is based on the preferences of the user. Cool Home Technology will first determine the scope of your audio and video consumption and the lifestyles of the people who will be using this technology. Determining the size of the household, the proficiency levels of the users and the media choices that are likely to be made helps us bring the most appropriate equipment into focus. Six sources, twelve locations, app-control – it’s all possible, and simple to use once the foundation has been properly laid.


Creating this roadmap makes video distribution simple. Plan ahead – do you have a number of kids that will someday surpass even your own networked media dexterity, or are you looking to enjoy a more simple architecture for your entertainment needs? Our experts take the “complex” out of video distribution by setting you up with the right system and the knowledge to make the most of it, now and in the future!


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