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Structured Wiring includes telephone wiring, data wiring, audio wiring, TV and Satellite wiring, networking components and wireless internet access points. Structured Wiring systems have a central location where all the rooms are wired to. This central structured wiring location features a wiring enclosure that houses the equipment needed for your services. Structured wiring enclosures typically house your modem, router, multiplexers, diplexers, punch down blocks, video splitters, audio integration and sometimes the cable boxes or satellite receivers.

Why do you need it? It's the hub to all of your home's systems and wiring infrastructure. Structured wiring organizes your wires and keeps the systems neat. Troubleshooting is especially easy when a network is labeled and organized. Structured wiring services in Minneapolis metro area that keeps your home network wiring and networking hub free from chaos.

Structured wiring enclosures are most often located near the electrical panels. Rooms feature wall plates that have service connectors to match your wiring services. We can match the wall plates to your exact needs and use RJ45 Cat6 Ethernet connectors, RG6 coax, RJ11 Telephone, HDMI, and any other service type that you need for your Structured Wiring Solution in the Twin Cities.

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