When most people think of audio and video entertainment, the things that come to mind are amplifiers, media players, speakers, televisions, projectors and the like. Which controller is right for my home theater? What speakers will sound the best? How large of a video display do I want? But behind the scenes, there exists a supporting network of devices that bring all of this equipment into harmonious operation. Bulk wire, cables, connectors, adapters, mounts, networking products, racks and wall plates all play their part in the big picture. Without an intelligent power management system, for example, your components would either plug right into a wall socket or perhaps a “power strip” from your local convenience store – neither of which is a desirable option.


As a professional, custom A/V distributor, SnapAV supplies equipment essential to nearly every consumer electronics solution we install. From high-definition video switching to IR distribution, from amplification to large format projection screens, we are able to design your system with complete creative license, knowing that anything we might need to complete the project will be readily available. Selecting from some of the greatest music or theater equipment is easy, since we have it all. But getting the finest performance for a completely satisfying experience requires the expertise we provide. The advanced ISFccc video calibration adjustments on your new A/V Receiver are useless unless an experienced calibration technician optimizes video output quality for your TV or front projector.


Perhaps your home theater room needs some acoustic treatments in order to mitigate reflecting sound? We have it covered. Want to add lighting control to enhance energy efficiency and augment your lifestyle? No problem. Our vast selection of electronics, an equally plentiful variety of infrastructure components and our experience in the creation of audio / video systems that both amaze and inspire make Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis your one-stop destination for any home entertainment needs!


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