In 1887, Torakusu Yamaha built his first reed organ, and since then the Yamaha Corporation of Japan has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of a complete line of musical instruments, audio video entertainment products, computer-related products and other assorted commodities. Established in 1960, Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) offers a full line of musical instruments and electronic entertainment products to the U.S. market. 

It seems more frequent than not that audio and video components these days come in certain, very deliberate flavors. You can choose from a given number of models, and will often find that the piece you purchased either has features you may seldom use, or those that you wish it had. This “cookie-cutter” approach satisfies market requirements for stated feature levels and price points, but does little to address the diverse and dynamic needs of the actual consumer.  Yamaha’s philosophy has long been to draw from, and think from, the customer’s perspective as they design and build their products, and as such, their products make sense.  For instance, many would think that a mid-level integrated stereo amplifier would have no need for a dedicated phonograph input – after all, turntables are so 70s, right?  But Yamaha understands that there is a distinct probability that someone using a high-performance two-channel audio system might also employ vinyl as one of their sources, and also use streaming network capabilities within the same genre. Yamaha thinks outside the box, which has earned the company a respected place in the world of consumer electronics.

Yamaha Corporation of America offers a robust line of audio products including AV receivers, amplifiers, Blu-ray and CD players, iPod docking systems, headphones, home-theater-in-a-box systems and sound bars. Yamaha’s reputation for unparalleled reliability has been attained through meticulous attention to detail from the conceptual stages of design to the advanced manufacturing processes that bring their products to life.  A thorough examination of what customers actually desire in their equipment yields a level of utility and practicality which is consistent and exceptional.  

When you need something that truly fits your lifestyle and the requirements of your music or home theater entertainment, Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis can recommend Yamaha equipment with complete confidence.  It is a brand you can trust, and one that will perform reliably for many years to come. Yamaha makes our work simple – installation is a breeze, the product is user friendly, and the performance is sure to impress anyone who appreciates the finer harmony in life.

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