Savant was founded in 2005, and is a high-end home automation system that runs on Mac OS X computers and iOS smartphones and tablets. It offers great features and a robust user interface, with the goal of providing an experience in home automation that is second to none. Home automation is designed to simplify your life and provide a personalized experience by automating everyday tasks, adding comfort and convenience to your life, and providing peace of mind with remote access to your home when you're away. Savant imagined what such a home would involve, and set out to create a product that would seamlessly integrate with and adapt to the user’s lifestyle.


Savant includes the many elements of a typical home automation system, including lighting, climate, entertainment, security and energy control. Compatible with many HVAC and security systems as well as iTunes media players, their apps are designed for ultimate ease of use and their remote access is a particularly strong feature.  Differentiated from many other systems by this dynamic level of control, you are always in charge of all your system can do, whether you are in the next room or in the next state.  



Change the temperature in your home before leaving the office, unlock the front door for a family member while you’re away, or check in on your pets with real-time video feeds.  Create sequences of events, or ‘scenes’, that execute specific functions based upon certain triggering actions. For example, when you get up in the morning and turn on your bedroom light, that action can activate your coffee maker and raise the shades in the kitchen or the whole house, if you choose.  While on vacation, give your home a ‘lived-in’ look using a randomized lighting generator that will turn lights on and off in a manner consistent with occupancy.



When you want the functionality of your home to be tailored precisely to your lifestyle, Savant delivers that capability in system professionally installed by Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis. It all begins with consultation regarding the desired level and type of control that you wish to have, and concludes with the installation and setup of the required components to bring your home to life. Once you live in the comfort of a Savant Home, you’ll never want to live anywhere else!



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