Central vacuum systems used to be a staple for luxury properties -- and they're making a comeback in a major way. Central vacuum systems aren't just ideal for making homes easier to clean -- they're also ideal for removing allergens and dust that can make a home unpleasant or even dangerous to live in.

Central Vacuum Systems Make It Easier to Clean

A central vacuum system puts a port in every room, making it easier to clean each room without having to drag around heavy or unwieldy equipment. This makes it easier not only to clean rooms more frequently but also to spot clean rooms -- bedrooms can be vacuumed more often than other areas, for instance, to prevent early morning allergies and to reduce skin flakes, dandruff, and other bedroom-related dust. 

Central Vacuum Systems Provide a Deeper Clean

Studies have shown that central vacuum systems simply clean better, removing more allergens from your home and the air. It's easy to understand why: rather than relying upon the power of a motor packed into a vacuum, a central vacuum system can have much more powerful equipment. Only the actual nozzle itself is ever being used outside of the home; the rest is built-in.

Central Vacuum Systems Take the Dust Away

After vacuuming, most homeowners then have to empty out their canisters in the trash -- or they need to take out an unwieldy, dusty bag. This isn't true with a central vacuum system, which whisks all the dust and dirt away to a specific location within your home. Other vacuum cleaners will frequently re-disperse at least some of the dust inside of your property, provoking allergies during the process of emptying and undoing some of the work that you have done.

Central Vacuum Systems Won't Lose Suction

Because of the superior equipment used in a central vacuum system, it won't lose suction over time the way that a traditional vacuum will. Traditional vacuums become less effective the more they are used, which means that they may not be able to clean an entire home without frequent emptying, filtering changes, and repairs.

A common misconception is that a central vacuum system is very difficult to install. In fact, central vacuum systems can be very easily retro-fitted into nearly every home. For more information about the benefits of central vacuum systems, contact the experts at Cool Home Technology today.

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