Minimize noise

As you fire up your upright vacuum, all current activities that require the absence of ambient noise (talking on the phone, watching television, sleeping etc) come to an abrupt end. You may as well be using a chainsaw in your living room relative to the disruption that it causes. With a central vacuum, the noisy motor is in the garage or basement, so all you will hear is the air flowing through the cleaning attachment on the hose itself. Life can continue without interruption, although sleeping while vacuuming is not recommended.


Maximize convenience

Portable vacuum cleaners come with a host of inconveniences. Power cords are either too short to get everywhere you need to, or if attached to an extension cord, end up ensnaring the family cat or tangling up in chairs, table legs and other furniture. Collection bags are smaller and thus must be emptied or replaced regularly. Attachments are cumbersome – you vacuum the carpet, then you have to perform an elaborate switchover to vacuum the steps. It’s like a Transformer – the vacuum in disguise!


Better cleaning

By the nature of their design, central vacuum cleaners have more powerful motors. Since they must provide adequate suction over long distances of piping, central vacuum motors can be up to three times stronger than those in most portable vacuums. This provides additional benefits, the most notable being better suction. Dirt that may be problematic to remove with an upright is whisked away in the first pass with a central vacuum. Being in a garage or basement, the motors tend to stay cooler as well, extending their life expectancy.


Cleaner air and reduction in allergens

You will feel the difference after the first time you vacuum. Portable vacuums tend to exhaust vacuumed air back into the room through their exhaust. Yes, many models are equipped with various types of filters, but there is no substitute for extracting the dirt, dust and air out of the house entirely. Breathe easy with cleaner air, and stop lugging that diesel powered upright around your home!

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