Vacuuming your entire home can be quite a tedious process, dragging around a vacuum cleaner wherever you need to clean. Sure, many new vacuums are fairly lightweight, but there is still the whole process of repetitively plugging in and unplugging the power cord, navigating around furniture and various room geometry with the machine itself, and potentially still having to deploy a portable hose attachment for those hard to reach areas or furniture. This is when the benefits of a central vacuum system become a game changer – or in this case, a chore changer!


Comprised of tubing and fittings that run inside the walls of your home down to a centrally located vacuum unit with inlets distributed throughout the home, all you need to do is to plug in the hose/cleaning head and vacuum away…  No more getting tangled in power cords or squeezing into tight spaces – it’s just you and the hose.  These systems also have the option of deploying ‘sweep inlets’, which are floor level openings into which you can sweep dirt with a broom and watch it disappear.


Central Vacuum systems provide convenience and ease of operation, but are also much quieter than regular vacuums because the main unit is located in your garage, basement or other remote area.  All dirt is transported to this central unit, so if you or any family members have allergy problems, central vacuums can be a real life saver. Traditional vacuum cleaners blow fine particles back into the air, which means that you will still be breathing air that has not been thoroughly filtered.  Aside from being more powerful than even the most expensive standard vacuums, your home’s resale value is likely to be enhanced with the addition of this state of the art, whole-house cleaning solution. 


At Cool Home Technology, we offer a number of technologies that increase your quality of life, with Central Vacuum systems being one of them. Give us a call or request a quote and our experts will provide you with all of the information you need to decide if such a system would be of benefit to you and suitable for your home.  From the most basic to the most advanced configurations, our expertise in the design and installation of Central Vacuum systems makes Cool Home Technology the most logical choice for your existing or new construction residential needs!

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