One of the many considerations when building a new home is the type and extent of infrastructure that is to be deployed prior to completion. Common denominators are the choreography of electrical, environmental and communication framework, but today’s homes can go far beyond just these basic systems. Home automation, theater, audio and video distribution are all but inevitable with entertainment and control technologies now available. Pre-wiring your new home while it is under construction is the most desirable time to address these needs. Once the walls are up and the final trim-out occurs, it becomes considerably more challenging to install complex, whole-house networks. Plan ahead for any potential functionality you may wish to have and wire accordingly, even if some aspects of this may come at a later date.


  • Access to broadband and data is essential for the operation of computers, smart TVs, home automation and media distribution. Pre-wiring your home with Ethernet cable to every possible location from a central point will ensure that connectivity is there should you need it.
  • Surround sound and multi-room audio requires speaker cables to be “home run” from the ceiling or other locations around the house back to a central area where the audio equipment is located. Once you determine where certain speakers might be situated, run the appropriate wiring even if the speakers themselves might not be immediately installed.
  • Video distribution is accomplished either by dedicated HDMI administration or by data networks, wired or wireless. Conventional copper adheres to the same “home run” architecture as audio amplification, so similar conceptual foresight is endorsed.
  • Home automation, HVAC and security rely heavily on the Ethernet foundation, and although some systems may be wireless or proprietary in their handshake, they likely connect to Ethernet somewhere along the line.


The proper pre-wire solution depends in great part on the types of systems it will support. Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis is well-versed in them all, and can help you map out the requirements of any system. If you do it right at the beginning, the possibilities for growth and expansion will be robust, and the performance of your equipment will be exceptional, now and in the future.

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