Distributing music to multiple rooms of your home can be a very exciting experience, and can be accomplished in a number of ways, with many types of equipment. Some multi-room audio solutions use wired speakers, amplifiers and wall mounted controls, while others rescind the wall mounted controls in favor of fully app-controlled operation. Wireless audio systems allow for music distribution in older homes or those that are not pre-wired for music, and utilize wireless networks, wireless speakers, and wireless controllers. Whole house music system can also be integrated into the larger framework of home automation when desired or appropriate, operate in tandem with home theater systems, and be controlled seamlessly using apps which are available for iPhones, Androids, tablets and computers.


In conjunction with the audio systems discussed herein, video distribution allows you to broadcast video content from a central location to some or all of the rooms in your home. You will be able to watch a movie in multiple rooms, or have multiple sporting events streaming throughout your residence. Imagine everyone in your house being able to listen or watch whatever they like, whenever they want, and wherever they prefer! That is what we do… Lifestyles of the homes’ occupants will often dictate how these systems are configured. Households with a larger number of electronically savvy adults and children (all with divergent tastes in music and cinema) will likely have a more complex array of options at their disposal than a household with only two people, for instance. Many systems of this nature also incorporate streaming video security into the distribution matrices, thereby enhancing access to camera feeds throughout the home. An incidental benefit of video distribution is not having multiple cable or satellite boxes populating your home! All you need to see are the televisions themselves, and possibly in-wall or ceiling speakers, and we make it so…


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