When you look at the sheer number of different products in any genre of consumer commodities, the results can be overwhelming. Whether you consider writing instruments or toys, electronics or appliances, there are thousands of models within a profusion of categories. Occasionally, a “reinvention of the wheel” occurs. For example, the Fisher Space Pen is a pen that uses pressurized ink cartridges and is able to write in zero gravity, underwater, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and in a very wide range of temperatures. They did not invent the pen, but they revolutionized a certain aspect of its application. Leon Speaker Corporation has done just this for the consumer loudspeaker markets.


Let us imagine a picturesque, rustically decorated living space – wood furniture and scrolled copper wall décor, distressed leather seating with a ‘River Cabin’ canvas painting above the fireplace. Although this setting evokes that ‘cozy lodge’ feeling, the Sonos speakers that you are considering, with their sleek, modern aesthetics, would look out of place despite their fantastic performance.


Leon Speaker Corporation has, however, created a solution that mixes art with audio design and technology. Their ToneCase cabinets, handcrafted from solid White Oak or Black Walnut, are sized to house any Sonos surround or bookshelf speaker, leaving access for controls and wire management. They can also be custom painted to match any color. And so, in this illustration, the clash between interior design and audio equipment is laid to rest.


With numerous, custom built solutions for your high fidelity desires, Leon can effectively make your gear dissolve into the environment. From speakers that mount under or over your video display and match its exact width and finish, to stereo or multi-channel speakers made to harmonize with their surroundings as well as your ears, the sonic and artistic character of this company has reinvented the proverbial wheel.

Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis is excited to offer this customizable solution which can bridge the frequent gap between the gear that is necessary and the visual presentation that is preferred.

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