With as many options as exist in electronic entertainment products for your home, there must also be a host of accommodations within which to house them or with which to install them. Televisions mount to walls or are displayed on stands, components dwell in cabinetry or reside on racks, speakers and stands become the union of form and function, and cables snake through conduits preferably unseen.


Sanus provides cutting edge innovation for AV enthusiasts and professional installers alike. With a complete selection of TV mounts, furniture, speaker stands, racks and other AV accessories, Sanus allows for seamless, functional and aesthetically pleasing integration of electronics into your environment. Gone are the days of stacking your amplifier and tape deck on milk crates – or at least we think they are. From the most contemporary, upscale designs to more simple and natural motifs, Sanus solutions span the full range of audio and video electronics and the spaces which they populate. In addition to their great utility value, Sanus takes safety seriously, having partnered with the International Association for Child Safety in 2014. Unsecured flat panel TV tip-overs result in over 17,000 injuries to children across the country each year. When your television display is properly mounted to the wall with hardware that is designed specifically with load bearing safety in mind, your child will not be part of this injury statistic.


Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis is all about the ‘complete solution’. Although we can certainly sell you just the components you need, many of our clients prefer the comprehensive services we offer. Unlike the nostalgic amplifier and tape deck of yesteryear, today’s systems can be complex in their connectivity and challenging in their configuration. Let our experts install, program and optimize your equipment, and let Sanus enhance the visual presentation of the finished project in your space.


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