M&K Sound has been manufacturing audio loudspeakers for the film and music industries as well as home stereo and home theater applications for well over 30 years. It all began in 1973, when Walter Becker of Steely Dan approached the company to design a studio reference monitor and subwoofer system for the Pretzel Logic album mixing sessions. M&K Sound went on to produce the world’s first balanced dual-drive subwoofer, and this propelled Pretzel Logic into the Top Ten billboards and millions in sales. This combination of engineering ingenuity, critical listening and extensive experience in live sound recording was the foundation of M&K Sound.

M&K Sound is one of the few companies that have successfully dissolved the boundaries between professional and consumer audio, offering performance and reliability to both markets in product lines that have gained notoriety for their categorically exquisite sound quality and impeccable attention to detail.  

In the mid 70s, “bigger” was “better” when it came to audio equipment.  Many companies aspired to create the most monolithic loudspeakers in their class, with enormous cabinets and equally gargantuan drivers. Placement of living room furniture often became secondary to the allocation of territory for recently purchased loudspeakers, much to the chagrin of most “non-audiophile” family members. M&K broke new ground with the world’s first satellite/subwoofer system David & Goliath in 1976, and introduced the industry’s first internally powered subwoofer, the Servo Volkswoofer, in 1977.

In 1983, M&K RealTime was first U.S. label to release CDs, followed by the first Push-Pull Dual-Driver Powered MX-2000 Subwoofer in 1989. Another of the many firsts came with the M&K Home THX system in 1992, and with M&K speakers used by Dolby Labs for development and initial demos of the Dolby Digital audio format in 1993. For the third and final episode of the new Star Wars trilogy in 2005, Revenge of the Sith, producer Rick McCallum used M&K Speakers. This list can continue long beyond the attention span of most readers, but it is suffice to say that M&K Sound has contributed significantly to the worlds of professional and consumer sound reproduction in ways that are second to none.

Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis has brought this award-winning audio history to our clients with M&K Sound. Created for leading studios in the music and movie industries, M&K Sound loudspeakers have taken home stereo and theater listening to new, reference levels!

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