Multi-room audio technology offers many options for today’s consumer. From multi-channel amplifiers to elaborate switching matrices, from basic keypads to advanced touch-screen LCD’s, the distribution system can be as complex as it is capable. Many systems require extensive wiring with speaker and data cables, and installation is often recommended at the construction stage of your home, as the capacity to retrofit such wiring into an existing structure can be expensive at best, or at times, not possible at all.


Cool Home Technology is proud to offer Sonos - a smart system of wireless high fidelity speakers and audio components that connects you to all the music on earth, throughout your entire home. Built for mobile, tablet and desktop, the Sonos app and hardware allow you to browse and play virtually endless music from any smart device. One system to bind them, one app to rule them all…


Since its foundation in 2002, Sonos has become a game changer in the world of audio distribution. It creates a dedicated peer-to-peer synchronous mesh network through wireless or Ethernet connections to your Internet router, known as SonosNet, which allows for the streaming of digital audio to any of up to 32 Sonos devices on that network. Audio can be sourced from both the internet and files stored on the local network. Additionally, audio from analog sources can be input to the system using the RCA stereo line input terminals. Absolutely every home can take full advantage of Sonos wireless audio distribution. Regardless of whether your home is on the historic building registry, or currently under construction, you will find this dedicated music networking system simple to install, easy to use, rock solid in signal strength, and amazing in quality.


Compatible with free or subscription-based music services and music stored on any number of local devices, Sonos has you covered. Starting with one component and expanding to cover your entire home, this wireless hi-fi system will provide what every music lover can only dream of – legendary sound in a system that is easy to deploy and fully app controlled. Even the largest homes do not present an obstacle to music delivery, as signal bridges can extend the coverage of the music network without issue.


Sonos systems, as configured by Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis, provide a reliable way to play anything imaginable with freedom from the barriers of speaker cables.

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