The year is 1967.  Your newly completed home has been wired with state-of-the-art television distribution - a black cable that has an inner conductor surrounded by a tubular insulating layer, then surrounded by a tubular conducting shield.  This amazing product will deliver television signal from the antenna on your roof to any TV in the house!  Coaxial cable was invented by English engineer and mathematician Oliver Heaviside, who patented the design in 1880.


The year is 2015.  In your basement resides a monolithic white metal enclosure. Within are dozens of blinking electronic modules cascading forth a myriad of multi-colored cables.  Meticulously routed, neatly fastened, and not for the electronically challenged, only NASA’s Mission Control would seemingly have more wire.  Welcome to your 21st century, whole-house Structured Wiring Command Center.


Modems, gigabit routers and switches maintain an uninterrupted flow of digital data to networking components, wireless internet access points, and a variety of systems that rely on this binary information.  Multiplexers, diplexers, and video splitters feed your television and satellite tuners from terrestrial or orbital media transceivers.  Audio distribution elements practically route your favorite music from the recording studio into your ears. Home Automation, at its core, will often also reside within this electronic thoroughfare to control environmental parameters, entertainment solutions, and security applications.


At Cool Home Technology, we provide expert design and installation of wiring infrastructure for any home or business, regardless of size.  Centrally located, for the most part, this typically includes telephone, data, audio and video distribution of varying complexity and functionality.  A structured wiring enclosure keeps the required components and wiring properly organized, neat and operating at peak efficiency.  This also facilitates easy troubleshooting, modification or expansion of the network if and when necessary.  Finally, rooms feature customized, aesthetically accommodating wall plates with connections to specific services required within the given space.


Structured wiring services, such as those availed by Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis, keep your home network wiring and distribution up to date with the most current technology.  Our structured wiring systems are designed to be as ‘future-proof’ as possible, making them easy to upgrade as technology needs change.  We offer the expertise required to create stable and versatile whole-house information platforms, thus making us the best choice for your existing or new construction pre-wiring needs!

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