Lighting control is typically part of a home automation network, but can also be an independent control system, and is used to manage commercial or residential electric lights. Energy consumption and expenses are reduced by implementation of more efficient “lighting scenes”, such as ON and OFF cycles timed to correspond to changes in daylight hours, as just one example. Lifestyle convenience is also enhanced with lights and scenes that can be programmed to operate based on occupancy or other triggering mechanisms like door contacts and security systems. Lamps and room lighting can be supervised using a single wall control or your iPhone, Android or tablet, and can even be operated remotely over the internet. Environmental sensors can be used to automatically control powered shades, blinds and draperies to optimize use of available, natural light.


Appliances and other devices that are plugged into AC outlets can also be controlled in the same way. Engage your Christmas display, pool illumination or curio cabinet accents. Have the lights dim as you settle in to watch a feature film with your family. Need to get more popcorn or refreshments? Press pause on your remote and then watch your ‘intermission’ scene raise the room brightness slightly until you resume playing the movie.


Convenience and creature comforts aside, personal and family safety is another fundamental component of lighting control. You hear a suspicious commotion outside of your home in the middle of the night - illuminate the entire house with the touch of one button to deter any would-be antagonist. Depending on how your system is deigned and deployed, all of your exterior lighting can also snap to life as soon as intrusion is detected around the perimeter of your home.


At Cool Home Technology, our expert staff can help you choreograph the perfect lighting control solution for your home. First, we need to know what you would like it to do. No need to concern yourself with types of wiring, bulbs, connectors, modules or warp coils. Just tell us the story – it is our job to design and present you with all of the viable options. Next, we arrive at a conclusive proposal that fits your budget and timeline. And finally, our professional installation team will bring it all to fully functional fruition in your home!


It is this process and expertise that come together to provide our clients with the service and satisfaction they have come to expect from Cool Home Technology.

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