So, have you decided to upgrade your home technology, music, or theater system? Perhaps you already own one of these systems, so it would seem as easy as just connecting the new devices that you purchase, and you’re done.


Countless electronic retailers, both in physical stores and online, offer you just about any type of home electronics equipment - from stereos to theater systems, from security to home automation, and from multi-room A/V to wireless audio. Since selling product is their primary reason for being in business, many will make the installation aspect seem like a piece of cake. You just connect this to that, run a wire here and there, program a few settings and enjoy your new toys.  But is it really that easy?


Consumer technology has come a long way in recent years. A stereo system from a decade ago may have been just that simple to connect and operate. You hooked the components together with audio or video cables, grabbed your remote control and that was pretty much that. That same type of stereo today is likely operating with your Wi-Fi network, streaming digital content from the Internet or from compatible mobile devices, and might be controlled by your smartphone. For someone who is not savvy in the ways of network configuration, you might end up sitting on the couch wishing your new gear came with a free class at the local community college.


And what if your new system is more elaborate than the one you had?  Multi-room A/V of yesteryear may have consisted of coaxial cable distributing signal from room to room, while today’s equipment involves HDMI, CAT5 network cables, baluns, wireless connectivity, or all of the above. And the products you bought didn’t come with a ‘home wiring’ class either!


So the dilemma of doing all this yourself or hiring a professional company like Cool Home Technology is really no dilemma at all. This is what we do! There is no network we can’t tackle, no menu we can’t configure. If the wire can be snaked through your walls, we can do it. Armed with years of experience and a high level of expertise, we can guide you in the selection of the best product for what you wish to accomplish, install it, set it all up, and even provide instruction on operations for all who may be using it. We provide a complete solution, not just boxes full of equipment!

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