If you have ever owned a baby monitor or a wireless intercom from your local Big Box retailer, you have experienced wireless audio at its most entry level. Sound quality is typically mediocre at best, range often falls short of ‘perfect world’ specifications, and interference is just part of life. Such technologies have to some extent, given wireless audio a bad rap.


Then came “Bluetooth”, which was a leap in wireless technology, but one that still had its limitations. Designed primarily as a ‘local’ or short range transmission solution, the strength of the signal can be impacted by location and distance. If you are streaming music from your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker, for example, the music may skip or stop playing if you move slightly out of range. Each source device will typically pair with one Bluetooth destination at a time, so multi-room or multi-source listening is not part of the roadmap. However, it’s great when you need a set of headphone to wear while biking without getting tangled in cords!


And then there was Sonos…


Sonos operates on Wi-Fi, which means the Sonos system will operate flawlessly within the entire territory covered by your Wi-Fi network. As long as you are in range of your Wi-Fi, simply put the desired components where you want them and the music will keep on playing – always.


With the robust multi-room and multi-source capabilities engineering into Sonos, you can play the same content in different locations at the same time in perfect synchronicity, or tune into different sources in each room of your home – simultaneously. Unlike the compressed audio inherent in many Bluetooth systems, Sonos offers CD-quality fidelity for a listening experience that’s hard to beat.


Since everything happens in the Wi-Fi domain, all Sonos controls are integrated into the network, letting you control every function and setting from an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Expandable up to 32 locations, Sonos can create music throughout your home, and can even integrate with other, existing components and sources. Want to have the audio from a sporting event on DIRECTV broadcast throughout the house? Auxiliary inputs on your Sonos components allow you to import any source and distribute it system-wide. Want to import streaming Spotify into your Home Theater receiver? Outputs on your Sonos components let you do just that.


Cool Home Technology feels that high-quality wireless audio has truly earned its place in the world of home entertainment. We invite you to audition the best solutions we offer, and experience freedom from the wire!

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