Loudspeakers for audio reproduction come in many sizes, styles and price points. You can pick up a pair at your local superstore for the cost of a take-out lunch, or you can spend more than you did on your car from a high-end audio boutique. The bottom line is that if you are serious about sound quality, speakers can be a substantial investment.


Unlike a vehicle, which most of us need to get about our daily lives, stereos and home theater systems are definitely a luxury. How much we spend is determined by what type of disposable income we have and how important such entertainment is to us. Most people will spend weeks or months researching and test driving cars before they make a purchase, yet the same people will typically walk into a store, listen to a demo, and walk out with a set of speakers. We recommend doing some research and ‘test driving’ more than the first pair of speakers you hear – and Cool Home Technology can help you do both. When consulting with a professional team such as ours, you will also be asked many questions:


Movies or Music?

Even though they all deliver sound to your ears, a home theater configuration often calls for very specific speaker designs, including bipole and dipole surround speakers, active subwoofers and center channel speakers. A 7.1-channel home theater may not need furniture-sized speakers to sound great, whereas a dedicated 2-channel listening room might call for a more extravagant arrangement.


Are you a passive or active listener?

Most people want to have good quality sound, but that definition can vary from person to person. Some may just watch an occasional movie or listen to some streaming audio via their smartphone or tablet, while others may want a ‘blow-you-away’ experience complete with seatbelts.


What is the size and configuration of the room?

An important part of the process in refining your speaker search is to consider the space they will be operating in. Room size does not only gauge how large or small the speakers should be, but also affects how certain speakers will sound. Does the room have carpet, drapes and cloth furniture or hardwood floors and sparse décor?


Cool Home Technology knows there are many factors to consider and these are just a few to start off with. By defining the role of your speakers, analyzing the room they will be in, and determining the best possible speaker placement options, your money will be well spent and provide many years of enjoyment!

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