Everything these days is about reducing the carbon footprint on our world. ‘Green’ has become the byword of everything from household cleaners to appliances to vehicles. Energy-efficient electronics, LED lighting and advanced thermal insulation make our homes brighter, warmer or cooler as needed. But how many of our kids leave the lights on in their rooms, only to return hours later?  Have any of our readers flipped on the lights just to navigate down the hall to the bathroom at night? There are many urban myths about whether it takes more energy to turn on a light than to leave it on, but one thing is certain – having a low voltage ‘accent’ light automatically illuminate your path to the bathroom at night will consume less energy than flipping on the entire room’s lighting to do so.


Lighting control is about maximizing both the convenience and efficiency of your electrical use. By the automated nature of this product, lights are used only when and if necessary, can be set to various levels based on user preferences, and can be triggered in a number of different ways.  You might just need some ambient background light while watching TV in the evening, instead of having the whole room lit up like a shopping mall. Transitory lighting, such as the sequential illumination of a hallway based on movement, prevents wasteful consumption of energy and also saves you from fumbling for wall switches while half asleep. Lighting scenes can be employed for specific activities. Gathering with friends and family, evening quiet time, morning routines and multimedia entertainment can be programmed to reflect lifestyle and save energy at the same time. No more worries about the kids running off while their bedroom lights are left to brighten an empty room.


Cool Home Technology can tailor any lighting control solution for your home and family. Our expert installation will save you money in the long run and keep your energy expenses under control.


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