From the company that was instrumental in the creation of in-wall and in-ceiling audio comes a complete offering of installable speakers steeped in performance and years of experience. It begins with their Visual Performance Series, which is equipped with a low-profile grille that is paintable to blend seamlessly into any wall or ceiling. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, this series comes in several performance levels and a range of specialty applications.

Moving on to the Architectural Series, these speakers deliver a fusion of high performance and exceptional aesthetics. Their totally flush grilles with no visible bezels disappear into the surrounding surface while the state-of-the art driver components set a new standard in sound quality.

The Invisible Series is the definitive, yet unnoticeable, expression of structural audio. Installed into the wall or ceiling and then finished over with the surrounding surface material, these speakers deliver music that emanates throughout your residence with no visual evidence that any speakers exist.

Specifically created for movies, gaming and other multi-media content, Sonance takes home theater to a whole new level with their purpose-built cinema products.  Much of this type of equipment often resides in family and living rooms, while other systems are installed in dedicated home theater rooms. Whatever the case, Sonance surround sound products are engineered to deliver optimal performance in any space.

Sonance Soundbars feature an exclusive adjustable-width feature that can conform to the dimensions of any 50” to 80” flat screen display. With black, seamless aesthetics that complement modern television designs, this true 3-way speaker configuration delivers accurate imaging and tremendous sound that will make people wonder where you have hidden the floor standing speakers. Also offering various models of subwoofers and outdoor speakers, Sonance can round out any home theater or whole-house audio system you may have. 

Distributed audio is a market that Sonance knows well. The Sonamp 260 is widely regarded as the industry's first true distributed audio amplifier, and current multi-room audio products live up to the reputation that Sonance has accrued over the years. Sonically matched to deliver the best possible sound from any Sonance speakers, their amplifiers can also be integrated with third-party control systems for complete, powerful and user friendly configurations.

When you want the sound in your home to complement the décor and impress the most discerning audiophile, Sonance delivers that capability in systems professionally installed by Cool Home Technology in Minneapolis.


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